Hotel Casal, a dormitory near me

Casal (R) is located just inside the town of Kajetka (L) in Prague, Czech Republic, December 7, 2017.The hotel has 3 beds, 3 bathrooms and 2 guestrooms.(Photo by Jakub Zadroski/Reuters)The hotel is located at the outskirts of Casal town.The Casal Hotel, a condominium in the city of Kjemka, is a dormitory for university students and […]

What is the nccU Taiwan School of Management?

A young man and his girlfriend are preparing for their first year in the NCCU TAIWAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT.They have the option of taking a part-time job in the classroom, as they will get to see their colleagues in their classrooms.But it is not all sunshine and roses.While their parents, grandparents and aunts are busy […]