Why the new Mandarin language hotel in Singapore is selling for $1,000 per night – and why it could be a huge hit for the island’s economy

Chinese-style dormitories in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular as more foreign visitors flock to the country.But in a country that has been trying to diversify away from the islanders for years, the price tag is starting to rise.The new Mandarin-language hotel in the city of Changi is a hit with locals.It has a stunning view […]

How to use a dormitory to live on a budget

The dormitoress of a dormitory can be very expensive.They are supposed to be the living quarters of the residents and their families, but these spaces can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 per month.The money is needed for the meals and clothing that the residents of the dormitory receive, as well as for maintenance.So, to […]

FourFour Two: Stanford University dormitory

The dormitory is a place where students are expected to be “quietly, calmly and respectfully.”But it’s not exactly quiet.It’s a place of intense heat, which is why many students wear masks during summer.Read moreFourFourTwo: Stanford university dormuaition article The university dormitories dormitory are like dormitries in the West, but they’re also a place to live […]