Dormitoria is the next step for dormitories in Chennai

Dormitories are among the latest developments in a movement towards digital and social networking that started in New York in 2011.These digital spaces are also being used by universities, medical institutions, and many other places.The dormitory concept was conceived as a way for dormitory residents to work and socialize without having to leave their dormitory.This […]

‘We were told to keep quiet’: Students at Georgetown University demand an investigation into alleged sexual assault

Georgetown University students are demanding an investigation by the university’s administration after a report said the university did not fully investigate a sexual assault allegations that occurred at the school in March.“We were instructed to keep silent about what happened in March, but now we have a report that confirms what we already knew — […]

What happens when your parents go to college?

On a sunny Saturday morning in the fall of 2011, a pair of black-and-white photographs captured the scene at the University of Arizona.One was taken in the dormitory room of the Gryffindors dormitory.The other was taken on the balcony of the Dean’s office.In both photos, students were standing in front of the windows.The photo that […]