How to renovate your Boston college dormitory

I spent the first two weeks of this semester looking at the design and layout of my Boston college’s dormitory.I had a rough idea of the layout and aesthetics, but I had no idea how to properly install the kitchen, bathroom, and living area.It was only after I had finished my research and had built […]

How to make a dormitory room without a roof

In the 1930s, two American professors, William E. Davis and William W. Richardson, set out to build a dorm room in a dusty New Mexico town called Flores, a tiny town in the Andes that sits on the border between Peru and Bolivia.As the story goes, the men decided to use the cheap materials and […]

‘It’s all a trap’: ‘Rampant’ pollution, food and water shortage plaguing Flores

A report by The Hindu reveals that residents of Flores, in southern Brazil, have been suffering from food and air-conditioning issues due to the presence of rampant illegal mining operations.The report by the NGO Food, Water and Environment Foundation (FOVE) states that the area is experiencing unprecedented levels of pollution due to illegal mining activities.It […]