When the world’s largest university becomes a dormitory

Ljublijana University in Slovenia has been granted permission to transform a student dormitories into a university campus.The project will cost around $2.3 billion and will create an 80,000 square meter building for up to 100 students and staff.The university said the new campus will have a total of 300 buildings, which will include a large […]

Which dormitories in Victoria are the best?

There are many options for choosing a dormitory in Victoria, with many options available, including university dormities, family dormitries, and community halls.There are also options to choose between different types of dormitory housing, such as shared houses, single occupancy dormitris, co-op, and student housing.We’ve listed the best student and family dormitory facilities and dormitory types […]

How to Get Away with Murder? Vampire-Dormitory Rules

A vampire-themed dormitory is a common theme in vampire movies and television shows.In the popular books, vampire-dorms are a common location in the world of vampires.The vampires can be seen in a variety of different settings, including the fictional setting of a college dormitory.The vampire theme is also featured in popular media like television series, […]

Castilian dormitories are not for sale

As we reported last week, a group of residents at a new dormitory in Rome’s Castilian neighborhood say they were sold out for their rooms.The group, comprised of residents of the Romagna neighborhood, is now calling for a referendum on whether to allow them to return.The plan would allow the dorms to reopen, but they […]