Italy v Croatia: 2-1 win at Iraklio

After the first half, the score remained tied at 2-2.Italy then went on the attack, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a late goal and Zlatan Ibrahimovic adding another.In the second half, Croatia went on a run of form, but could not break through, and were ultimately beaten by Italy 2-0.The game was played on the sidelines […]

How to make a dormitory room without a roof

In the 1930s, two American professors, William E. Davis and William W. Richardson, set out to build a dorm room in a dusty New Mexico town called Flores, a tiny town in the Andes that sits on the border between Peru and Bolivia.As the story goes, the men decided to use the cheap materials and […]

Man’s ‘shocking’ admission that he raped his sister

A man has admitted raping his sister, who was seven at the time, in a “shocking” admission.According to the Indian Express, Manjendra Singh, 26, admitted that he forced his sister to have sex with him after she turned 16.Singh had allegedly raped his 17-year-old sister last month in the same room where he lives.The incident […]

Which Dublin is the best dormitory?

Dormitory Sui is a four-bedroom house in the historic centre of Dublin.It’s one of the city’s most exclusive residences and is worth about €9 million.Dublin has many of the most prestigious buildings in the city, with the likes of St John’s College, the O’Connell Street Barracks and the new Grafton and Cooley buildings all among […]