Which dormitory size should I have in my new university?

It’s not an easy decision to make, says the college’s new director, who wants to know if you want to stay in one room, two rooms, three rooms, or a dormitory of up to eight rooms.

“You want to have a dorm that is accessible, comfortable and accessible,” he said.

“That’s a key point.”

The new dorms will be on a new campus in Sherbrooke, which has a population of roughly 1,000 students.

The new buildings will have dormitories of up from five to eight.

The building is about 300 metres from a subway station, a busy pedestrian street, a main road, and an intersection with a busy intersection, according to a news release from the college.

It is located about 10 kilometres north of the campus of the University of Montreal, which will be the first in the province to get a dorm of eight or more.

The dorms are designed to be more accessible than the current units, which are about the same size.

The buildings will be open-concept, said Christine Mazzuca, a senior lecturer at the university, and will include the ability to use the shared bathrooms that students use in Sherbrook.

“We’ll have the capacity to accommodate a much larger number of students, students who are older, and those who are coming from outside of Quebec and Ontario,” she said.

Students in the new dorm will also be able to move in with friends, and be paired with a partner for the first time.

The university will use the dorms for one year to evaluate the program, but the program will be permanent.

“The first dorms we’ll have will be in Sherbridge, so that’s where we’re moving, and we’re going to have an opportunity to see the effect it’s going to on our students, and also on our campus, so we’ll be able evaluate the impact,” said Mazzua.

A new dorm at Sherbrook is seen in Sherburn, Que., on May 30, 2018.

The program is the first step in a five-year plan to open up the entire Sherbrookes campus to students and will provide new amenities and facilities, such as a new library, dormitory lounge and gymnasium.

Mazzarella said that the new building will be able accommodate about 20 per cent of the students who live at Sherburn.

She said the university is looking for people to come and work for two years, but that students will be given the option of coming in the fall.

Mays said the new program will take about five to six years to complete.

“When you’re looking at a whole new campus, you’re talking about building a new dormitory, and I’m hoping we can make it a year, and it’s just not going to happen until the end of 2019,” he added.

Students who have already lived in the old Sherbrooks dorm will be moved to a new one.

Students are allowed to live in the Sherbrooking campus for two to five years after graduation, said Mays, who said the program is expected to attract between 100 and 150 students a year.

The Sherbrookers dorms also include a library, a lounge and an art gallery.

Students will be paired up with someone who is not on campus and be able use the space.

The first two years will be focused on making sure the new buildings are accessible to students who want to live and work there, Mays added.

“Students have already expressed an interest, and the first three years are going to be a very intensive process of actually developing our dorms, getting them to be accessible and making sure they’re comfortable for students who do live here, for example, students from outside Quebec and the province,” he explained.

“I think students will really enjoy being in Shercroft.”

Sherbrooked University said it will have a social event for students to be in the same dorm room, but will not have a formal social event.

Students can expect to find a friend or family member to spend time with, it said.

Mowat said the Sherburn campus will have “more social space than Sherbroken,” but will still offer a “much more intimate space” than the other dorms.

The other two campuses have similar dorms with shared bathrooms, but have not been as successful at attracting students.

Sherbrooaks students say they have noticed a decrease in traffic, but said it’s a temporary trend, because of the number of new buildings.

“This is a very new program and it may take a while for us to adjust to it,” said one Sherbroocke student.

“At the end, it will be great for students and it will make them feel welcome,” said another.

Mows said the idea is to encourage students to come in and live in Sherbal.

“It’s going the right direction, but we have to be patient with

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