Kids sleep in dormitory’s bathtub, crib

When it comes to sleeping on the streets, kids don’t just sleep in the bathtub or the crib — they actually sleep in places like dormitories, where they can access clean air, clean water, and even access food and medicine.

This new research from researchers at the University of Washington suggests that kids actually get to experience the perks of a home by taking a short, easy-to-clean trip to a dormitory.

The study focused on a project that was being undertaken in Seattle in 2013, when a group of kids aged between 5 and 12 was placed in dormitaries to take part in a study.

The study involved putting kids in a new dormitory and learning to navigate the maze of corridors and staircases.

Researchers then had the kids use the bathroom in the dormitory to study and then use the bathrooms in the adjacent rooms to study in the nearby classrooms.

This allowed them to observe how they interacted with the other students and with other adults in the building.

During the course of the experiment, kids were given food and water in the hallways, and were allowed to eat lunch, take showers, and take a break for a nap.

Researchers also found out that they had the opportunity to play outside in the open air during the day, where the kids could use the playground and play in the grass outside.

In the end, the research showed that when kids were put into dormities, they spent more time outdoors and had more fun overall.

The research has already been published in the Journal of Urban Health.

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