How does a dormitory in Indonesia compare with one in France?

The first dormitory was built in 1859 by the Portuguese and the French, in the Spanish town of Cherrapunj, then known as Cordoba.

It was not the last, as it became the first residence for the wealthy and was used by the French for the next 30 years.

Its design was inspired by French and Italian buildings, which had a similar architecture to that of the Spanish.

It has a courtyard, a roof garden and a roof.

The building is designed to be a refuge from the elements and to be very warm and comfortable.

In 1891, the last of the four dormitories in the building was demolished.

The French, who built many others, continued to use the building as their headquarters.

Today, Cherrapuna is a beautiful city with a vibrant nightlife and a rich history, and is often visited by tourists.

However, many Indonesians have a negative impression of its design.

Some say it is too similar to the building in France.

Others are unhappy that the building is no longer there, as they have seen it only once.

And the building has a lot of history.

Before World War I, the dormitory had been used by a military contractor.

It became an orphanage in 1940 and was later occupied by the British, who lived in the nearby village of Chera.

At that time, the building served as a barracks for the British army.

Its original purpose was to house prisoners of war.

The British eventually abandoned the building, but it is still used by locals today.

In the 1950s, the British government decided to demolish the dormitory, so it was taken over by the Indonesian government.

It remained in the care of the National Education and Cultural Organization (PEN), which has run it ever since.

Now, it is a private residence, although it still hosts a large population of foreigners.

Today it is not so popular among locals.

In 2017, it became possible to rent a small flat for only 100 Indonesians to live in the house, which was renovated into a new building.

It is also known as the ‘Hotel of the People’, after its owner, Indonesian actor, director and actor Pramod Pramojayo.

The hotel has a number of rooms and it is available in three different seasons, from late November to mid-May.

Pramoud has had a lot to say about the dormitoria.

“We had a really long-term project where we had a dormitio, which in France was the first dormitoria in Indonesia, which is also called a dormitaire.

The dormitorio was in Cherrapuncji.

The room was just a small room.

So the idea was that we would make the rooms more comfortable, and make the living conditions more comfortable,” he told the BBC.

He said he did not want the building to be used by tourists and that he did his best to make sure that no one had the impression that he was a foreigner.

“There is no need to be polite.

When I was a student in Chera, I used to ask foreigners, ‘Do you think we should rent a room at this dormitrio?

What do you think about the people there?

Is there any danger?

Because they have no money,'” he said.

“In Indonesia, foreigners do not stay here for long.

They come to stay, and when they leave, they come back to their hometown.

It’s a big mistake, if we think that foreigners come here for only a few days.”

The new dormitory has been renovated in an effort to be more accommodating to foreigners.

A new staircase has been installed and new bathrooms have been built in the dorm.

However the building still has a strong reputation among locals, especially as a place where the people can go to get away from the city.

Pramaojay says the hotel is still a great place to visit.

“I think the people love it.

It brings a lot more happiness, and also a lot good vibes.

They feel more comfortable and less lonely.

They also feel closer to their families, which makes a big difference for them.

The locals love to go there because they can still get their daily fix of coffee, tea and food.

I also think the hotel has great service,” he said, referring to its staff.

However locals have a different view.

“It’s an abandoned building, and the foreigners who stayed there have no intention of returning.

They want to use it for their own purposes,” said Nabi Zadie, a local resident.

He says the building can be seen from the street, but not by visitors.

“For tourists, it looks like a tourist resort.

And it’s very difficult for locals to understand what the building looks like, so we just can’t be very friendly towards foreigners,” he added.

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