A new dormitory in the sungei Tengah (China) is up for sale

A new residential dormitory is set to be built in the Sungei region of China, and is being marketed as the “sungeih dormitory” by the owners of the building.

The dormitory will be situated at the top of the Sungyei Mountains, near Hainan Island, and will include dormitory rooms and a residential kitchen, as well as a rooftop garden, according to a report in the China Daily newspaper.

The Sungeih is part of the Yinchuan region of the Chinese province of Guangxi.

The area has been the site of a number of accidents and incidents in recent years, with a number including a train derailment, a mine collapse and an earthquake in 2014.

A dormitory has not been built in China since 2000.

The property was previously known as the Sun Gei dormitory building.

A previous plan for the dormitory also was rejected by local residents, and the owners have now started work on the new development.

Development Is Supported By

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