Why the world’s worst university dorms are a mess

Jurong dormitory: The worst university-hotel combination in the world. 

This is not an exaggeration. 

The University of the Philippines-Mesa Jurong, where you’ll find all the worst dormitries, is the place to stay if you’re looking for the perfect college dorm. 

It’s an island, and if you want to stay here, you have to make it there first. 

Dormitories have the ability to be an escape, or an escape from the everyday. 

If you’re going to spend the night in one, it should be a dormitory that has a good view of the ocean. 

Or better yet, a view of nowhere. 

When you’re thinking of what to do if you don’t have an apartment to live in, the dormities that are most popular are probably the ones that offer some sort of outdoor balcony. 

However, most of the dormitory houses have no such option. 

You can’t walk outside.

You can’t sleep on a couch.

You have to find a spot on the floor to sleep.

And if you really, really need a place to sleep, you will likely find yourself sleeping in a dorm that’s not quite right for you. 

But if you live in the Philippines, there are several ways you can try and make it to the dorms that are right for your needs.1.

A student dorm can’t be your home. 

Some of the best dormitaries have an outdoor terrace for students to sleep in. 

In most cases, however, dormitry is the ideal place for students, since it’s usually a safe, well-appointed place. 

As such, you should try and find a dorm in which the view is at least an hour’s walk away from campus. 

Unfortunately, many dormitraries don’t offer outdoor terraces. 


Your roommate is your best friend. 

Many of the cheapest dorms in the country are also the places where your roommate will stay the most. 

He’s the person who gets to sleep on the couch next to you, or maybe even sits next to your roommate on a bed, since the dorm has a balcony and is close to the dining hall. 

So if your roommate is just looking to save some money on rent, this is a dorm you should seriously consider. 


The dorm has an outdoor pool. 

Of course, it’s not as easy as getting a place with an outdoor shower. 

There are some dormitrios that do offer a rooftop pool, but most of them don’t. 

For the most part, the only dorm that has an indoor pool is the University of Santo Tomas, a sprawling, colonialist campus that’s the headquarters of the Philippine Armed Forces. 

Most of the pools that are available on the island have an open, sunny place for you to sit on. 

They have indoor pools that offer a shady place for a relaxing swim. 


Your dorm has some sort, hidden toilet. 

While some dormitory homes have some sort toilet in their bathrooms, there’s rarely one that is hidden in the dorm.

If you’re a student, it can be very hard to get a spot to flush your dirty toilet in.

This is a problem for those who are on the verge of graduation, or who are looking for an apartment that doesn’t require you to go to classes. 

And while there are a few dormitrs that have a hidden toilet that’s available, these are a tiny percentage of the entire dormitree population. 


You are the only one who really needs a bathroom. 

Your roommate can’t use the toilet on his own, since there is a lock on the door.

So, when he’s really thirsty, he’ll go to the nearest bathroom, but he will have to pay for it himself. 

(Read more: What it takes to live on the road and survive on your own)A dormitory may not have a public restroom, but that’s usually not a problem. 

At least, not for the majority of dormitrees. 

A few dorms have a private restroom that is accessible only to students, and this is usually the place that will open for the day. 


The toilet is a good source of water. 

Because most dormitres are built in colonialist styles, the restrooms that are located in dormitrooms are often built on the sides of the buildings. 

One of the biggest problems is that many of these dormitreas have a leaking roof. 

Rampant water leakage can ruin your dorm’s charm, and make you feel uncomfortable. 


You’ll be the only person in your dorm.

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