What you need to know about the dormitory and dormitory life in the dormitories

There’s a dormitory inside a college campus, and it’s full of weirdos.

In this article, we take a look at the life of the dorm, and its weird, strange, and wonderful history.

“We’re going to be here forever,” the girl next door told me. 

“And that means you’ll be here until the day you die.”

She looked me straight in the eye.

“I’m going to die here, too,” she said.

The dormitory at Tufts University in Massachusetts was originally named the “Mackenzie’s House” in honor of the first woman to graduate from Tufts. 

The dormitory was founded in 1799, and today has over 2,000 beds and is one of the largest buildings in the country. 

It was originally used by Mackenzie McKenzie, a wealthy British aristocrat who wanted to live out his dreams of being a novelist and a philosopher. 

In 1818, Mackenzie moved to the nearby town of Boston to raise his family. 

Mackie had a big vision for Tufts, but he was not happy with the lack of dorms. 

So in 1826, he began the construction of the Tufts College. 

According to the university’s website, the first dormitory to be built was the Tuft Hall, built in 1823. 

Tufts was originally called the Tuxtons Hall, after the Tuetans family who had lived in the area. 

From 1822 until 1889, Tufts was known as “The Tuft’s College,” named for the family that owned the Tuets’ Tavern. 

But in 1889, the family passed away, and the name Tufts became the name of the new college. 

A group of people began moving into the Tuves Hall in 1893, and in 1899, Tuft and Tufts Hall were incorporated. 

Today, Tuxton Hall is Tufts’ largest building, housing nearly 6,000 students and 2,800 faculty and staff. 

As for Tuft, he died in 1901, leaving behind a legacy of his vision for the future of Tufts: “Tufts is a place where ideas can flow, where ideas and progress can flourish, where the mind of the university can soar and the soul of the world can be nurtured.”

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