How to survive a dormitory fire

A student at Haramaya University, in the Philippines, found a way to survive the dormitory building fire.

The students are preparing to move to the university from the dormitories in the Dominican Republic.

(Photo: USA Today)The dormitory was gutted by a blaze in the evening of June 27.

When the fire broke out, students were inside in their dormitys, where they had been staying for the last two years.

The dormities were also located in the basement.

A student named Jose Eze told the Associated Press that the dorms were destroyed.

The building was made of cement.

The floor was not made of concrete.

There was no fire alarm.

He said he felt that it was a fire escape, not a dorm.

The firefighters were there, he said.

They put out the fire quickly, he added.

After the fire, the students were moved to a second dormitory in the building.

There, they were supposed to stay until July 4.

The other dormitaries in the complex were not affected.

The Associated Press contacted the Department of Education, but a spokeswoman declined to comment.

Haramaya spokeswoman Maria Isabel Villanueva said the students had been informed that they were staying in dormitory buildings in the neighboring Dominican Republic until the fire was put out.

But the dorm was not destroyed and there were no other injuries.

She said the dorm is open for students to visit.

Harman Marro, who lives in the dorm, told the AP that the fire has been extremely painful for the students.

The dorms are made of reinforced concrete, which makes them vulnerable to fires.

He and his wife, who is also a student at the university, have a 3-month-old baby.

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