‘Bachelor’ Jayeela dorm-room incident video sparks online uproar

JAYEELA, SPAIN—In the latest video of a sexual assault on an unsuspecting student, Jayeelah Dampre-Cantal, 19, shows her hand, which is wrapped around her throat, to indicate that she is consenting to having sex.

The teen, who was caught on camera, was seen taking a swig from a bottle of champagne before making eye contact with a man in a dark suit, whom she then began kissing on the mouth, before leaving.

Her next move was to reach into her jacket, pull out her phone, and then put her hand in the victim’s mouth.

The video has racked up more than 8.4 million views on YouTube and has been shared more than 2.7 million times.

“I am so grateful for all the people who reached out and supported me, and for all of my friends and family who helped me in any way possible,” Dampres-Canto said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“If I didn’t have the support of all of you, this would not have happened to me.

I am so thankful for all that I’ve done, and I know this video will help me overcome this ordeal.”

Damprea-Cante posted a photo of the bottle of Champagne to Instagram, writing, “It feels good to share that the bottle I just drank was a gift from God!

It feels great to share this with you!


The video was taken on June 15, just a few days after the incident at Jayeels dormitory in Palermo, southern Italy.

In the wake of the video, some students took to Twitter to complain about the “rape culture” prevalent in Italian society.

“How does it make me feel to have this happen to me?

I’ve always been a strong feminist and I never want to feel that way,” tweeted journalist Luca Cara.

“It’s a crime and a sin that I feel guilty for being a woman.

This is an assault that makes me feel bad.”

A spokeswoman for the University of Palermino confirmed that Dampreda-Canti had been expelled for the alleged assault.

“DampresCantalis actions are unacceptable and are a clear violation of university policies,” university spokeswoman Anastasia Kudla told The Associated Press.

“We take all complaints of sexual assault seriously and have a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct.”

The university’s vice chancellor of student affairs, Michele Di Filippo, said the university was working with the police to find the student responsible for the assault.

The university said it was aware of a Facebook video of the incident that had more than 1 million views as of Tuesday.

The woman in the video is not a student at the school and did not appear to be involved in the student activities.

The man in the suit is the son of the owner of the dormitory, which was owned by the University.

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