The dormitory in Romania’s capital that cost £100,000 to build, says the architect

This dormitory at the Prague’s historic Harpua district cost the government £100-100, 000 in 2014 and is now being renovated to fit the modern needs of the city, as reported by the FT.

The £100k is in the form of £60,000 in renovations to the building, and £25,000 for a private villa for the residents.

The interior design of the new building was completed by architect Harry Potter and his team.

The design of this dormitory is not a modern dormitory with a modern facade, but a combination of modern materials, a modern look and a modern design with a contemporary architecture.

This dorm is located on the edge of the main market area, in an area that is mostly unused and deserted.

The new building is being managed by the Pracheveti University, which is an independent institution, according to the local media.

The dorm is currently undergoing renovation to its new status as a research institute, and the construction has been ongoing for over three years.

The project cost £65,000, and was funded by the Government.

Development Is Supported By

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