More than 200,000 migrants arrive at BHavnagaran on foot – Bloomberg

By TIMOTHY A. CLARYMANAssociated PressThe Indian government says more than 200 of its nationals have arrived in the border city of BHamparkar from Pakistan.

The Associated Press has identified more than 60 migrants who have arrived.

The AP was unable to verify the identities of the migrants, and AP reporters are not allowed to interview people at the border.

The migrants who arrived on foot include several women and children who had been smuggled into Pakistan on a boat from Bangladesh.

A man carrying a baby boy is seen at the India-Pakistan border in BHampsarkar, India, December 18, 2017.

The women and girls are mostly children and some have children under the age of six.

They arrived in a private vehicle on Saturday from a village in Pakistan, according to an official who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

He said the migrants were able to pass through the border with minimal security, which is the standard operating procedure for the Pakistani government.

“We do not have the facilities at the BHajnagar border and this is how it is done,” the official said.

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