Man arrested for stealing laptop at Georgia Tech dormitory

A Georgia Tech student was arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing a laptop from a dormitory during the university’s winter break.

The Georgia Tech Police Department said the alleged crime took place at a dorm in the Jabalpur Station dormitory on Friday afternoon.

A search warrant was executed and an iPad was seized, police said in a statement.

The accused was arrested and charged with burglary, theft of property, false report, aggravated assault and malicious destruction of property.

A spokesman for the university said in an email to The Washington Times that “the laptop was located by a student in a different dormitory while the student was in the dormitory and was used to take photographs of the campus, the campus building, and other facilities.”

The university also released a statement Thursday afternoon saying it is cooperating with the Georgia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and “will continue to monitor the situation.”

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