Kashiwagi, one of India’s largest malls, has been built on the backs of prisoners

A construction site for Kashiwegara Prison has been inaugurated at the prison’s former dormitory.

The construction is part of the government’s push to upgrade the facility, which was built on inmates’ mattresses, after a court decision that forced it to close in 2011.

The prison, which is one of the largest in India, has become one of Mumbai’s oldest institutions and has a population of over 500,000.

The building at Kashiwaigara was inaugurated by the Maharashtra government on Thursday.

The prison, one the oldest in India with a population over 500 million, was closed after it was found that inmates had been sleeping on mattresses that were removed from the building, the Indian Express reported.

The inmates have also been allowed to keep their own mattresses and bunk beds in the facility.

The state government has set aside a $20 million to renovate the prison, a report in the Hindustan Times said.

Development Is Supported By

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