How do I make my dream dorm?

I made my dream house, but it was a complete nightmare.

I was living in a five-bedroom house, with a huge backyard and a massive garden in between.

The living room was just a tiny room.

I got used to it but I had no idea how to make it habitable, what to do with the furniture, how to cook.

My only option was to sleep in a car, and it was not a very good idea.

I needed a roof, so I went to a house that had one.

That house was not as big as mine but I could get a small room in the back.

But the house was just too big.

I spent a lot of money on rent and I had to make sure that I had enough money to live on.

Then, the day of my birth, the doctors came to check me out.

I had a baby and they said, “I don’t know how you can do this”.

I was very sad because I thought I had an amazing future.

But my husband was a doctor and he said, that I have a big problem with my cervix.

The doctors told me that I could have a surgery and get a very big scar, and that they would see about a year later.

I told them that I don’t want to have a baby.

The surgeon said, OK, I’ll try.

They put me on the operating table.

I don´t want to be a baby, I said.

And that was it.

They did a small operation, and they were shocked to see a big scar.

I wanted to cry.

I thought, “What is going on?

I was not going to have children”.

And the pain was still there.

They had to remove a lot.

The scar was big and red.

I didn´t know what to say.

It was a huge emotional pain.

But I kept on living.

I lived with my husband.

My dream house was complete.

I kept telling myself, this is a dream house.

I can do anything.

I became a teacher.

But all the time I was feeling that I needed help.

The first day of school I didn’t feel very good, and I didn`t know if I was a bad student.

I decided to go to a doctor.

The doctor told me, I am not the right person for you.

I asked him what he thinks about my problem.

He told me to have sex and to try to have another baby.

He said, I can see I am making a big mistake.

I wasn´t happy.

So, the next morning, I went back to my husband and told him what had happened.

And he was very happy about what had been done.

I just decided that I would not have kids.

I did not want to raise kids.

But at that time I did see some girls.

I started dating a girl who lived nearby, and after that I went out with her.

And I met a girl that I liked.

It all started to change.

My husband started to notice me.

He had the same problem, but now he felt comfortable.

He did not know why I was doing this.

He was a very normal guy.

I liked him, I liked my husband, I didn�t want him to go through the same thing.

I never did want to make a mistake like this again.

He also asked me if I could marry him.

I said, yes.

He started dating another girl, and he thought it would be a great idea to try having a child with her, so that they could have another child together.

I agreed.

They have been together for 10 years.

It has been a good experience.

My marriage is very good now.

We love each other and I am very happy.

And then, I started thinking, what if I had not had kids?

I didn t know what was going to happen.

What if my husband had an ulcer?

Or what if my daughter died?

I thought about it, and then I decided that this is not going away.

But in the next year, I had another ulcer.

My doctor said, do you think it is normal?

I said that I am sure that it will be normal, and maybe it will not hurt.

Then a few weeks later, a big operation.

I am happy that I can go back to work, and even more happy that my husband is happy too.

I love him very much.

I feel very safe now.

I do not have to worry about my body, my friends, my house, or my life.

I still have a dream, that my daughter will be happy.

We have had many dreams.

My dreams have changed.

But what has happened has changed me.

I know that there is no future for me.

And now, I want to go back.

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