College dormitory in Munnar, Queensland, has a list of items that needs fixing

Cottage in Munnor, Queensland has a checklist for things that need fixing.

The list includes the bathroom, toilet, kitchen sink and toilet bowl.

The house is listed as a three bedroom, four bathroom unit.

The checklist lists the items needed for each item, as well as a number of suggestions on how to fix it.

The owner of the cottage said the list was a result of his son’s recent visit to the property.

“I asked him to come back for the three-bedroom unit, but he told me he had already finished the last of the kitchen and bathroom and he was really looking forward to it,” the owner, Daniel Krum, said.

“So he went and checked out the toilet bowl and the bathroom.”

The toilet was not working properly and he’s really happy with it now.

“The owner said he didn’t expect the list to be as large as it was.”

The cottage is listed with an occupancy rating of 5.1 per cent and has an assessed value of $7,500.”

It’s a lot of things.”

The cottage is listed with an occupancy rating of 5.1 per cent and has an assessed value of $7,500.

The listing includes a laundry room with a washing machine and an old-fashioned ironing board, a toilet, a sink, a shower, a washing and drying machine and a door.

It is listed in the “Housing & Commercial Property” category and has a rating of 3.7 per cent.

The cottage’s address is in a cul-de-sac, on a property that is not in a housing development.

Krum said he hoped the list would help the owner get on with his business.

“He’s very close to a job in his area, so we’re hoping that his neighbours will get on board with this,” he added.

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