Which dormitory are the best in Boston?


— A survey released Monday by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Graduate School of Education showed that some college dorms have better student outcomes than others, with the majority of them ranking higher than their counterparts in some other cities.

The Graduate School said that in the spring of 2021, it surveyed 6,000 undergraduate students in four different cities.

The data analyzed in the survey showed that Boston University was the best known among its peers, with an overall score of 85.3.

In contrast, at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and Northeastern were the next two best-ranked universities, with scores of 87 and 86.

But students also tended to prefer the more traditional campuses of Boston University and the Massachusetts College of Technology, which scored an average of 80.5 and 82.6, respectively.

At the University at Buffalo, the highest-rated college campus, students scored an 87.5.

At Yale, the average score was 87.7.

“This is the first time that we’ve done this survey of a large cohort of students,” said David Littman, a senior research fellow at the Graduate School.

For some, the results of the survey provide an opportunity to see how their college experiences compare to those at other colleges.

Sara Matson, a Dartmouth College junior who lives in the Boston area, said that her family spent about $10,000 on college expenses for the first semester.

I thought this was a great place for me to be able to study, said Matson.

When I took classes at MIT, I really enjoyed the fact that I was living in an MIT dormitory, but now, at least I know I am living at the top of the heap.

Another Dartmouth student, Adam Sorenson, said he and his family decided to take a summer job in New York City to supplement their incomes.

It has definitely helped me make some money, he said.

Matson said that she also has been able to save money through scholarships that she has received from a company called Fidelity.

Students who live in Boston have also had an advantage in the housing market.

A majority of students who live there earn an average salary of $72,400, compared to $54,000 in New England, according to the survey.

But that difference varies by major.

Dartmouth students earned an average $52,800 in 2020, while Northeastern students earned $52.5 million, or $4,788 per student.

At Harvard, Harvard College and the University, the averages were $51,400 and $46,000, respectively, for the majors.

Still, Matson said she was happy with her decision to enroll at MIT and said she could not be happier about her experience.

That I have the opportunity to pursue a career that I love, Mathy said.

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