When the world’s largest university becomes a dormitory

Ljublijana University in Slovenia has been granted permission to transform a student dormitories into a university campus.

The project will cost around $2.3 billion and will create an 80,000 square meter building for up to 100 students and staff.

The university said the new campus will have a total of 300 buildings, which will include a large auditorium, a gymnasium, an auditorium with a lecture hall and a conference room.

The new campus has also been named “The City of Ljubbjana,” which means the city of the university.

The building will be designed by architects from Gstaad, one of the worlds leading architectural firms, and is scheduled to be completed by 2022.

The University of Slovenia is also planning to expand its educational facilities and facilities for the health sector.

The student dorm is the second largest building in Slovenia.

According to the university, the project is the first in Europe to create a university building with a campus, and the first to be fully designed and built from scratch.

The architect’s design will also be able to accommodate an international research center.

The city of Lujubbjane will become a hub for university life and an important research site for Slovenia.

The first of three dormitory projects has already been approved by the Slovenian Parliament.

Development Is Supported By

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