University’s matrimonial apartment building may be demolished due to climate change

The Matrimonial Apartments at Gachon University is facing a possible collapse because of climate change.

The university, which opened in 1882, has built some of the most unique dormitories in Australia, with the oldest, the Riddell Hall, still standing.

“The building is not an ideal place to live because of the weather and the heat,” the university’s director of design and construction, Scott Moore, told The Age newspaper.

“But the climate change is a concern.”

He said the university was in discussions with the Australian government to make sure the dormitry was suitable for the changing climate.

The construction of the Roddell Hall is seen at Gachaon University in Gachorua, on the northern edge of Victoria, in this undated handout photo.

“We are in discussions at the moment with the Victorian government about how to deal with the heat issue,” he said.

“It is a complex issue.”

The university said it had also had conversations with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development about how it could accommodate more students in the building.

The building was originally constructed as a dormitory in 1879 and was originally used for the Royal Melbourne Naval Academy but it was later demolished in the early 1980s to make way for a road.

“Gachon was a very important and prestigious university,” Mr Moore said.

Mr Moore was speaking on the eve of the annual Royal Melbourne Boat Race.

The race was set to start at 9am (AEDT), but was delayed to 1.30pm.

The state Government said it was “in consultation” with the RAAF on whether or not the race should be held in Gacha.

It said it wanted to make the race safer for everyone.

“There will be no changes to the race as a result of the Gachons future plans,” the Department said in a statement.

The Department of Environment and Water Resources said the race’s organisers had “a long-term planning process in place” for how to manage the race.

“They are aware of the climate issues, the importance of the race, and have made contingency plans,” a spokeswoman said.

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