New dormitory beds, blankets, linens available in Princeton, New Jersey

New dorms, new dormitries are now available in New Jersey.

According to the Princeton Daily Star, the new dormitory facilities will be located at the Princeton University, near the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and will be called Alaunia Lodge.

The buildings, which are slated to be completed in 2020, will feature new, custom-made beds and linens.

The dormitory will feature a lounge area, a lounge kitchen, a kitchen with hot plates, and an outdoor dining area.

The rooms will feature standard-size bedding, and they will be available for use as either private residences or dorm rooms.

The beds will also include a “comfortable” bed and a mattress.

“These new dorms will be built with the goal of offering a quality and affordable option for families to enjoy a quality education while also being able to provide a quality environment for students to be safe and comfortable,” the Daily Star reports.

The new dorm will be one of the largest dormitory developments in the United States, and it will come as a huge relief to the many students who have been suffering from dormitory fever and who have faced health issues due to the lack of adequate air conditioning.

The students and families who were left out of the new developments are now hoping that they will provide the comfort and facilities that they are looking for.

The news comes after reports that the Rutgers University campus was forced to shut down because of dormitory overcrowding.

According the New York Times, the dormitory housing shortage led to dormitory officials canceling classes and forcing students to travel thousands of miles to and from New York City for medical appointments.

The campus also faced a shortage of bathrooms and bathrooms at the time.

Many dorms are already overcrowded, with some dormities housing over 100 students per room.

The New York Daily News reports that students will now have more space to use the bathrooms and other amenities that are available in the new accommodations.

The move comes as other schools across the country are scrambling to improve their campuses following the death of former Rutgers football player and Rutgers football coach Joe Paterno.

The Times reports that at least 20 other schools in the country have also reported dormitory shortages.

The situation at Rutgers has been compounded by a high number of student deaths and an outbreak of the coronavirus.

According a New York University Medical Center (NYUMC) press release, there were approximately 14,000 confirmed cases of the virus in New York State on Monday.

The epidemic has affected thousands of students at the University, and the news comes just days after the university announced that its campus in Brooklyn would be closed for an extended period of time because of a high-risk pandemic.

According of the New Yorker, the closure of the Brooklyn campus “will provide a safe environment for our students to work, study, and learn.”

In a statement, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that “these developments represent a historic step in our state’s efforts to combat the pandemic.”

He continued, “We will continue to work with the New England Regional Coordinating Center (NERCC) and other partners to ensure the health and safety of our students and our residents.”

It is expected that the students will return to the school after they return to work.

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