‘It’s all a trap’: ‘Rampant’ pollution, food and water shortage plaguing Flores

A report by The Hindu reveals that residents of Flores, in southern Brazil, have been suffering from food and air-conditioning issues due to the presence of rampant illegal mining operations.

The report by the NGO Food, Water and Environment Foundation (FOVE) states that the area is experiencing unprecedented levels of pollution due to illegal mining activities.

It says that the pollution levels have risen in the past two years due to mining operations and the fact that the government has not implemented policies to control the problem.

It also notes that the population of the area has been suffering because of the poor infrastructure that the mining companies have constructed.

“It is hard to imagine a situation like this, where the population has been affected by the same pollution that we are seeing in other mining-affected areas of the country,” said FOVE spokesperson and researcher, Maria Teresa.

“There is no other option but to find ways to alleviate the situation in the most effective way.”

According to the report, the population is being forced to live on a diet of maize and beans.

“We have to get rid of the corn and soy products.

We cannot use the corn as fodder.

We can only use it to make food for our families,” said a resident of the community, identified as Cesar.

“Food, water and air are not an option, because we are facing a shortage of food, water, and medicine.

We need help from the international community to solve the problem.”

Food shortages and water shortages have also been a common occurrence in the area, especially in the capital, Rio de Janeiro, and the towns of Cacuari and Porto Mariana.

“The problem of water shortages and food shortages is a problem in the entire country.

It has spread to the entire state of Rio de la Plata, where it has spread across the whole state,” said Dr Jose Maria Lopes, a senior researcher at FOVE.

The FOVE report notes that, due to environmental regulations, water can only be used for farming.

However, it also states that there is a lack of proper monitoring and environmental protection measures.

“In some areas, water has been used for irrigation for the entire region, while in others, it has been diverted to other purposes,” the report states.

“This leads to excessive evaporation and increased evapotranspiration, which leads to further depletion of water resources.

In addition, there is inadequate protection of the environment, with limited access to water and sanitation facilities.”

As of October 2016, FOVE has documented 5,000 cases of severe water shortages in Flores, according to the study.

It is believed that the current situation in Flores is due to poor environmental management and lack of adequate water treatment facilities.

According to FOVE, there are currently no water sources available in the town, and there are no water pumps, cisterns or wells.

“Residents of Flores have been forced to rely on food produced by illegal miners to meet their daily needs,” said Lopes.

“Even the municipal water system, which has not been built for the community’s needs, is inadequate, with inadequate capacity to provide adequate water to the population.”

The report also highlights that the communities lack access to basic sanitation facilities, which means that people are forced to use other methods of living.

“For example, people who have been living in this town for generations are living in a situation of poverty, with little to no access to medical services,” said Joaquim de Lima, director of the Environmental Protection and Public Health Department of the Brazilian National Police (PENB).

“The only alternative to a traditional approach to water, such as drinking, is to use bottled water or tap water.”

In a report released on September 12, the government of Rio announced that it was introducing new measures to tackle the situation of food shortages and pollution in the region.

The government said that the measures include a new public health program aimed at increasing food consumption and reducing pollution, and a new environment plan aimed at improving the environment of the region and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“These measures will help in addressing the worsening environmental situation, in particular the chronic shortage of water, which we are currently experiencing,” said Paulo Abril, the Minister of Environment, Food and Forestry, in a statement.

The situation in Rio de Plata has not improved the situation at all.

The population of Flores is estimated at 7,000, according the FOVE study.

According the study, the area suffers from three types of water scarcity: the lack of access to a reliable source of drinking water, limited access for residents to clean water and inadequate sanitary facilities.

In the area of the town of Porto Marina, a community of approximately 1,000 residents has already been forced out of their homes due to water scarcity and water pollution.

According in the FOve report, water shortages are also a concern in the Rio state capital, which is located in

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