I had an idea for an apartment building near moas in New Zealand

I think I have finally gotten around to writing a story about an apartment I think was supposed to be near moalas.

The apartment is in Auckland, New Zealand, but it’s been there for years and years.

A little over a year ago, I bought it.

I’ve lived there a few times, and now I’m just curious how it feels to have it.

So I spent the past few weeks walking around the city, just to be sure it’s all still there.

As I walked, I stopped in at some old-school shops.

The place was really cool.

There was a cafe that had a really nice coffee and tea shop, and I noticed a few other shops.

I went to a place called “Coffee” (which translates to “chocolate”), and I ordered a cup of coffee.

When I went back to the building, I didn’t know where I would find it, and as I was walking back to it, I thought, “Where is this place?”

And then I realized I’d just bought it in the past year.

There was a sign in the window that said “I am here for a moment”.

And so I sat down, took a drink, and started talking to the people who lived there.

They said they’d moved, but the building was empty.

I was really curious about what was going on, and if it was still there, because I had never seen anything like it.

After a while, I was just walking around, and a few of the people I talked to, who had been living in the same apartment building for years, said they were going to move there.

So then I walked to the coffee shop.

I looked around and it was like, this is actually kind of strange.

This place looks like a big, empty building.

I could just see the whole building was really empty.

So when I walked up there, I just felt a bit of fear, because there’s a lot of buildings around here.

Then I thought: “I guess I should come in and talk to people about it”.

At first, the first person I talked with was a guy I knew from work.

I didn.

“Hey, this building looks really empty,” he said.

I asked him about it.

He said, “It’s really a bit weird.”

I told him I had a friend who lived in the building and was interested in it.

“That’s great,” he replied.

And then he went on to explain how it felt to be in the middle of a building where you’ve been for so long.

The building itself had no exterior signage.

But inside, there were signs all around it that said: “I’m in the apartment building” and “We’re going to be living here for the next few months”.

“There are no signs around here, it’s completely empty”.

So I told them I was going to ask some people if they knew of any places that could have something that looked like the building I was in.

They told me they knew that place.

It’s on the Auckland National Library, a lot closer to moa than it is to any other place.

And I thought that’s great, and then they told me that it was an apartment for a few people, and that the people living there could move to the apartment once it was finished.

So there you have it: a building I had been expecting to see on a map, but never really knew it existed.

But that’s what makes this story special: I didn, at first, think that I would write about this building for a long time, or even a year.

I just thought I was doing it for fun.

This story has been edited for length and clarity.