Castilian College vs. dormitory: Who wins?

Castilian University, a private school in the city of Volgograd, Russia, has been accused of housing people on its campus without their permission, and has faced a growing number of complaints from students and faculty over the past year.

In October, the university was ordered by the city’s higher administrative body to make changes to its policies and procedures regarding housing and other facilities, including its campus.

On Friday, the Higher Administrative Court upheld the order, saying that it is illegal to hold people without their consent in dormitories.

The university said it will appeal the ruling.

The ruling came on the heels of a similar ruling by the Higher Economic Court, which also said that dormitries are illegal.

In response to a series of lawsuits filed by the school, the government has said that it will revise its policies in a few months.

The Higher Administrative Tribunal also ruled in October that a group of students who live in dormitory rooms in Moscow’s Chornobyl nuclear power plant were illegally occupying a dormitory belonging to the university, which has about 30,000 students and staff.

The group is calling for the university to be shut down and is demanding the removal of the people living in the dormitrous area.

The student group said it was being forced to live in an illegal dormitory with no privacy.

The school also faces lawsuits in neighboring towns over the same issue.

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