Armarios dormitories, a new type of dormitory

armarios dormitory is a dormitory built with an innovative design that aims to create a safe, comfortable and affordable space for students.

The dormitorio, which is located in the northern part of Buenos Aires, has an indoor and outdoor terrace, a swimming pool and a private library.

It’s the first dormitory in Argentina to be designed with a focus on reducing energy consumption and climate impacts.

The structure is made from two layers of glass, one in each corner.

It also has a high-density roof.

The two floors are made up of a roof that is made of glass that is 2.5 times higher than the roof in the upper floor.

When the roof is partially open, the air temperature drops by nearly 25 degrees Celsius and water condenses, which results in an almost imperceptible temperature difference between the upper and lower floors.

While it’s a nice way to save energy, it also contributes to the building’s climate impact.

The glass layer has been designed with the air and water temperature at different levels so that the entire roof can be heated by the sun, making the building extremely dry.

While that’s a good thing, the roof has an air gap that allows the humidity to escape and condense the heat from the air.

That’s a problem, because it also allows the air to condense further.

As a result, the water in the pool and the water that’s in the garden can evaporate and condensate, which means more energy is used to heat the rooms.

The lack of humidity in the building also reduces the efficiency of the water heaters that are located in some of the rooms, and so more energy goes into heating the room than it actually uses.

The roof of the dormitory also means that the heating system will be much more efficient, with the amount of energy used going down over time.

When you think about it, the glass can make the space a lot less expensive to live in, because of the amount that goes into it.

The water heat is also the biggest cost savings.

It has been shown that the amount you save in energy compared to a similar space made of wood is equivalent to the amount in energy that you save when the energy efficiency of your home increases.

While you can get an extra room with this type of design, you also can save money by going to a higher-efficiency building or installing a water heat system in your house.

The building is open from November to February, and you can also get a free tour of the interior.

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