Castilian College vs. dormitory: Who wins?

Castilian University, a private school in the city of Volgograd, Russia, has been accused of housing people on its campus without their permission, and has faced a growing number of complaints from students and faculty over the past year.In October, the university was ordered by the city’s higher administrative body to make changes to its […]

Which dormitory are the best in Boston?

BOSTON, Mass.— A survey released Monday by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Graduate School of Education showed that some college dorms have better student outcomes than others, with the majority of them ranking higher than their counterparts in some other cities.The Graduate School said that in the spring of 2021, it surveyed 6,000 undergraduate students […]

How to get a tattoo with a $25 tattoo fee

With the number of tattoos being increasing at an alarming rate, a new trend is popping up.The new trend involves tattooing your initials on your chest or arm, but if you’re not sure what you want, there are a number of options.Tattooing is a long and varied process.Many tattoo artists are licensed, and some even […]

How to Avoid the Fall in Your Life

If you’ve ever wondered why your spouse or partner doesn’t make your life easier, this article will show you how to avoid the fall in your life.This article, along with my own personal experience, has helped me find out why.┬áThe Fall in My Life What’s the problem?The Fall in my life isn’t really a problem.It’s […]