Woman claims she was raped by her boyfriend’s girlfriend’s roommate in dorm room in Prague

Dormitory students in Prague are using the social media platform Twitter to share intimate photos and videos of their dorm rooms, according to a report.

A 23-year-old woman from Romania claims she suffered a rape at the hands of a male roommate in the VTR dormitory at the Prague Institute of Technology.

The woman told police she was “forced” to perform oral sex on the roommate and then was raped in the room, according the report from Czech news outlet TV-channel SVT.

The roommate, a 29-year old Romanian, has since been arrested and charged with aggravated rape.

The victim, a 23- year-old Romanian, is reportedly in “good condition” after undergoing surgery.

The man is being held in a police station for questioning.

A woman in her 30s told the news outlet that she was assaulted in the same room.

A similar incident took place in a dorm room at the National Technical University of Czech Republic, according a report from the news portal CzechTV.

Students in Prague have also shared images and videos online, including one of an 18-yearold student from Germany who was assaulted by a man at the University of Bremen.

The video was taken after the student’s roommate had sex with her, according CzechTV, who reported that police have been contacted and the man arrested.

The report said the man’s name is Norbert Rücker, who has been accused of having sexual relations with a girl at the university, but the university says there is no evidence of that.

In an article from Czech newspaper Novy Zemlya, the student said she had been assaulted by Rückers roommate, who told her, “I can’t let you have sex with me.”

Novy also reported that Rückel had an apartment in the building.

According to Novy, Rücher also told the student, “You can’t be alone in your room.

I’ll rape you.”

Rücking was not immediately available for comment.

In October, a 27-year age-group student from Denmark was raped while her boyfriend was sleeping in her dorm room.

She was reportedly hospitalized with multiple injuries.

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