Why are dormitories like this so dangerous?

Hacker News contributor “The answer is that they’re really not that dangerous, they’re just a bit more complicated,” wrote one commenter.

“These dorms are built to be like the old movie studios.

The ceilings, floors, walls, and floors are all basically the same and the rooms are all about the same size, but the floors are higher, the walls are higher and the ceilings are higher.

They have the same design, same materials, same architecture.

It’s kind of a weird world where everything works like clockwork.

It might be fun, but it can be dangerous.”

Some commenters took the same line of reasoning, arguing that there are ways to build a dorm more or less like the movie studios without making it so dangerous.

“This dorm has a lot of windows,” one commenter wrote.

“But instead of using the same materials and the same architecture as a movie studio, we’re using more of them.

We’re making the walls more tall, the ceilings taller, the floors more thick, the windows taller, and so on.”

“It’s a bit of a stretch to say it’s a more dangerous space,” another commenter added.

“The only real danger is if they’re using a ‘closed system,’ like the movies did.

But that’s usually only an issue in movies.”

One commenter even suggested that the lack of windows and the floors being so high might make the dorm “a bit less safe.”

“If they did something really bad, they could do something really good,” the commenter continued.

“There are tons of ways to make a dorm like that, from just making the ceiling a bit higher, to making the floor a bit lower.

But theres just one problem.

They can’t.

It would be too dangerous.”

Other commenters agreed.

“In reality, it’s not too dangerous,” one reader commented.

“And since they have the windows open, it is probably safer to be in the room.

It may be a bit scary to try to escape.”

Another reader noted that the dorm was just “too small” to be dangerous.

A commenter who described herself as a “dorm-goer” commented: “There’s a lot to consider in this situation, but I think it would be a waste of energy to try and figure out how to make it look like a movie set, or to build anything like that.”

Others argued that the construction of the dorm might actually be beneficial.

“They might actually get a lot out of it,” another reader wrote.

“[A] dorm in a movie theater might be better than one in a normal dorm, because you can see a lot more of the scenery.”

“This is a very, very important thing to think about,” another user added.

“[It’s] very important to remember that this dorm is not a movie house.

If a movie theatre has a few screens, it can feel like a small movie, and a dorm in an actual movie studio is a lot bigger.”

The dorm is also home to a variety of animal species.

“[This dorm] is home to an assortment of animals, including a fox, an owl, a pigeon, a raccoon, a bat, and many more,” the post continued.

Some commenters noted that it was also a popular tourist attraction.

“It was probably a major tourist attraction at the time, especially for the kids,” one person commented.

“[The] dorm was also used for movies, so it probably had a lot going for it.”

A few commenters pointed out that the only known dormitory in North America to have a full-time resident, a professor.

“Yes, the dorm is a dorm,” one user replied.

“Its a bit unusual.

The professor, of course, is a professor.”

“But we need to remember, a dorm is really only a place where people are staying,” another commented.

Some of the commenters disagreed with the argument that a dorm could be dangerous by being too small.

“Maybe there is a case for a dorm being a lot smaller than it needs to be,” one said.

“However, for a movie-house or a movie production, you really want a big dorm.”

Another commenter suggested that there were many more ways to do dorm construction than just using large blocks of wood.

“That being said, I’m not a fan of the idea of a dorm that is a giant movie set,” one comment noted.

“I think a lot is lost in the idea that you should just make a big box and then just put a curtain and a screen up in it.

We all know how hard it is to make things look nice when you’re building a building.”

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