Which students will get to play in the World Cup final?

Wenzhou University in China has secured the contract to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals, marking the first time the country has hosted a major sporting event.

The bid, which was formally approved last week, is the first major bid for a sporting event in the country.

The bid will be judged by the World Football Confederation and will be overseen by China’s Ministry of Culture and Sports, which oversees all major international events.

Wenzhou is the world’s most populous city and the world capital of China’s “Great Firewall” — the vast surveillance system that blocks access to internet services, mobile phone networks and most foreign websites.

The city is home to nearly 2 million people, and is considered to be the most heavily guarded place in the world, with the government claiming more than 100 million people are under surveillance.

“The construction of the World Stadium is a historic event, and we are honored to be given this chance to host a tournament that will bring Chinese people together to cheer on their national team,” Wenzhong University Vice Chancellor Zhang Zhijun told reporters on Thursday.

“Wenzhongs world-class university has been chosen to host one of the biggest and most prestigious international competitions of the future.

We have the experience to make this possible, and the city is ready to be a great host,” Zhang added.

The stadium will be constructed at a cost of 4.5 billion yuan ($600 million), and will host 16,000 fans, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

It will also include an indoor football stadium, a track and field stadium and a soccer field.

The city’s plan calls for the stadium to be used for international competitions.

Wenger said he hoped the bid would lead to a “greater understanding between China and the rest of the world.”

“We are very happy about the success of the bid and wish for a successful bid,” he said.

“But we have to continue to work on the construction of this stadium and ensure that it can be ready for the World Championship in 2020.”

China has struggled with its infrastructure in the last few years as a result of a government crackdown on the use of mobile phones and other internet technologies.

China’s internet penetration, for example, is only 7.7 percent, down from 12.2 percent in 2012.

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