When the Predators come to town, we’ll be able to hear their song from the rafters

A few nights ago, we sat in the Predators’ locker room for a brief timeout before heading into the arena.

A few players, including forwards Nikita Zadorov and Filip Forsberg, were in attendance, but none of them was in the room with me.

I had to get to the rink, so I decided to make my way to the ice and see what was going on.

While the Predators were out skating, a few people in the locker room started to notice something odd.

They started to look around the room and I thought I’d better go and find out what was wrong.

I was going to leave a note with the players, but instead, they started to run off the ice, and they all disappeared into the rafter.

That’s when I knew it was a problem.

It was a little over an hour later when I saw the Predators players walk out of the lockerroom.

I’m not sure if it was because of the team or just some random incident that they went off.

They all disappeared.

I think it was just an odd time, but I can’t believe they’d leave, especially after they were in the dressing room for over an hours.

I’ve always been very protective of their privacy and wanted to stay out of their sight.

It’s not like I was asking them to leave the building.

I thought it was kind of strange, and I guess the Predators thought it might be a good idea to just give everyone a good look.

But the Predators didn’t leave the raiser, they just ran off the field.

The players were not even allowed to return to the dressing area, so it’s unclear why the team decided to leave.

In the locker rooms of the NHL, there’s a rule where if there is a violation, the coach or team manager has to come and get them.

That is the only rule, and it seems the Predators are following it.

The Predators were playing the Coyotes on Friday, and while they were playing at the time, the Coyotes were playing on the same ice surface as the Predators.

In their last game, they had two penalties called against them, and when the Coyotes took the ice again on Sunday, the Predators played without their players for the first time since Thursday.

I didn’t know anything about the team until I got to the arena the next day, so here’s hoping that no one else in Nashville noticed the oddness of it.

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