When a dormitory gets too small, Air Force Airmen have to move to dormities

Dormitories in Guam’s military airfield are now filled with airmen.

The Air Force wants to move airmen to Guam’s new dormitries, but the facilities are too small.

The Guam Air Force Base Authority says it is seeking an agreement from the military to keep airmen in their dormitory quarters.

The authority said in a press release Tuesday that it was seeking an extension from the Guam Air National Guard to allow the airmen, who are not airmen enrolled in the Air Force, to be moved into the dormitie facilities.

The base says it would need the authority’s approval before the dormitory accommodations can be built.

The new dormitory would be part of the base’s existing dormitory facility in the town of Alajuela.

It is a relatively new addition to the airfield and the authority says it has been in talks with the base about the proposal.

The announcement came as Air Force officials held a press conference Tuesday to announce plans to construct a dormitious facility for the air force at the base in Guam.

The project is being funded by the Department of Defense.

The move to the new dorms follows plans for a new facility at Guam Air Base.

The facility will be a new airfield that will allow airmen and civilians to move in and out of their dormitory quarters.

Guam Air and Space Command, which runs the base, says the new facility will have the same space as the existing facilities.

Development Is Supported By

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