What are the effects of a new breed of dormitory on lesbian students?

Students in Taiwan’s new Yercaud University dormitory will be able to stay together for a year if the city council approves the plan to build a campus for lesbian students.

The building will also include a gay-friendly toilet.

The campus will be the first of its kind in the world, with a capacity of 10,000 students, and will be open to all ages. 

Yercaud has already attracted interest from some Asian universities.

Its sister university, the Yewdao University, has offered lesbian dorms to students.

In a statement, Yercud said it was working closely with its Asian partners to make sure that the building meets the needs of the LGBT community.

“The Yercuddan dormitory is a part of our efforts to provide an inclusive and safe environment for students from different cultural backgrounds,” it said.

“It is also an important milestone in our efforts, in the long history of the YercUD dormitory.”

Development Is Supported By

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