The ‘dormitorio’ dormitory in Spain is about to get a makeover. The new ‘torture chamber’ dormitories will house people in the most cruel way possible.

Wired, the magazine for the modern internet, has an exclusive interview with a former inmate at the Spanish prisons for political prisoners.

The article focuses on a former cellmate of one of the prison’s directors who was sent to the Torture Chamber for his political convictions.

The cellmate has become the target of the torturous regime, with some being forced to eat worms and live in the prison basement for hours at a time.

He has told the magazine how he has spent time in a toilet.

He has no clothes, no shoes, and he has to live on a bare floor.

It’s not the most pleasant place to be.

The Torture Chambers is located in the southern part of Madrid, just north of Barcelona, but the facility is notorious for the brutal treatment of prisoners.

It is run by a group called Cosa Nostra, or “The Club”, which is the main force behind the prison system in Spain.

In 2012, it was revealed that the Cosa nostra had a record of torturing prisoners in secret, including a prisoner who died after being tortured by being burned alive.

The man was later found dead in his cell.

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