The ‘Culture of Poverty’

article The culture of poverty has become an American problem.

It has become a global problem.

That is what I’ve been trying to get to understand over the last few years.

This is a culture of exclusion, of marginalization, of being judged for who we are, and I don’t think that we are able to overcome it.

That has to change.

And what I’m talking about is a society that is really hard to break out of and a society in which a lot of people are not quite on the same page.

I’m hoping that the coming weeks and months will bring about some of that change.

For now, we are stuck with a culture that has created a lot more inequality than it has solved.

That’s the biggest challenge.

It’s not just about how we make it more fair.

It is how we do it that will determine whether we are going to have more prosperity or whether we’re going to be living in a time of greater inequality.