How much is a dormitory worth?

With the recent housing bubble, college student costs have skyrocketed, leaving many families struggling to pay for college.Here are some things you need to know about renting and renting a college dorm.1.Do I need a college degree?If you’re not sure if you’re eligible to rent a dorm, check with the college to see if you […]

The US has no choice but to take on China, Mexico: WSJ

Mexico, the US and other countries have little choice but be on the lookout for a new “lamparas” (drugs) problem.And the US faces one of the most formidable threats yet, says the Wall Street Journa l articleMexico is a top priority for the Trump administration, with a top drug lord as its top national security […]

Why are dormitories like this so dangerous?

Hacker News contributor “The answer is that they’re really not that dangerous, they’re just a bit more complicated,” wrote one commenter.“These dorms are built to be like the old movie studios.The ceilings, floors, walls, and floors are all basically the same and the rooms are all about the same size, but the floors are higher, […]

The ‘Culture of Poverty’

article The culture of poverty has become an American problem.It has become a global problem.That is what I’ve been trying to get to understand over the last few years.This is a culture of exclusion, of marginalization, of being judged for who we are, and I don’t think that we are able to overcome it.That has […]

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